Posted: March 21st, 2016

How should bonuses be distributed?

Imagine that you work in a group or department within a business organisation. Your group has, by any objective means, performed very well over the past year and, as a consequence the organisation has benefitted greatly from the actions of your group. The organisation has decided that a substantial performance bonus should be paid to the group as a whole and equally dispersed among members of the group. However, you know that not everybody contributes equally to the group.
You are asked to write an academic essay that addresses the following questions.

1. What are the options that are available for distributing the bonus? (20%)
2. What are arguments for and against distributing the bonus on an individual performance basis? (50%)
3. What is your preferred solution for distributing the bonus? (20%)
In addition, you should devote about 5% of your essay to an Introduction and 5% of your essay to a Conclusion.
Things to note:
1. Please ensure this is your own work. Remember, your essay will be analysed by the Turnitin software.
2. Please ensure that you conform to the word limit for this essay. The word limit is 1500 words with word count penalties applying after a margin of 10% has been reached – i.e. in this case 1650 words. Please note that the word count includes all headings and all references (including the reference list at the end of the essay).
3. Please ensure that you submit the essay by 4pm on April 4. Late penalties apply after that time.
4. You should use the A-CA-R strategy in constructing your essay. ( argument, counter argument and rebuttal)
5. All references should be peer reviewed scholarly articles

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