Posted: May 8th, 2015

How Do Writers Create Character?

How Do Writers Create Character?

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How Do Writers Create Character?

Write a 1500+ word paper on the concept of character in literature. Your character analysis can include questions of race, class, or gender. This is still a LITERARY paper, so you must use at least 10 literary terms in your essay. Literary terms include plot, character, metaphor, symbolism, etc. There are many terms you should learn from the “Literary Terms” link on the class web site.

A character analysis focuses on one or more characters in a story and will discuss what role character plays in the development of the story. You may focus on how the author both tells us about the character through direct description and what we learn about the character through his or her actions or decisions in the story. Be sure to view the ?Character Development? link in the Modules for help.

Trifles by Susan Glaspell

“Miss Brill” by Katherine Mansfield

“The Outcasts of Poker Flat” by Bret Harte

Prologue from Thus Spake Zarathustra by Friedrich Neitzsche

“The Big Trip Up Yonder” by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

You MUST include significant references to the story you choose; you must have at least 5 quotations in your own essay (TWO from the story you choose and THREE from outside research about the story). Your outside research must be documented in a Works Cited page.


1. Your essay must be 1500+ words long, and each paragraph is 5-8 sentences minimum, 12 point font, double-spaced with your name, class, and a title. Quotations and Works Cited list does NOT apply to word count!

2. You must refer to the assigned topic throughout your paper. TWO quotations from the story are required and THREE quotations from outside sources are required.

3. Do NOT use any “student research paper” web sites that sell papers to students.

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