Posted: September 15th, 2015

High performing work team essay

High performing work team essay

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Many times, we use surveys or questionnaires to obtain different information from people. Sometimes, those same questionnaires help set expectations for what an organization expects from people. As you read and analyze the following questions in this survey, think about what you would learn by taking this survey in your team, identify the trends you see and what they tell team members about high performing work teams.

Write a three to five page essay about what you see, the trends you identified, and what conclusions you can draw about what is required of team members in order to create a high performing work team.

High Performing Work Teams
Survey Categories
1. I understand what contributions I am expected to make to the organization

2. I understand how this team’s performance will affect the business results of the company.

3. I can describe the mission or why this team exists.

4. I understand the team’s primary purpose.

5. Team members agree on the major work functions that our team is to perform.

6. I understand the team’s goals.

7. I am highly motivated to achieve the goals.

8. I understand the team’s long term goals.

9. I understand the standards for team quality and effectiveness.

10. This team has goals that are closely linked to the company’s goals.

5 Items
11. I understand the role I am expected to perform for team success.

12. Team members are handling all job functions that the team is required to perform.

13. I understand what is expected of other team members.

14. Team members maintain a clear focus on the high priority tasks that are to be completed.

15. At least one member of this team attempts to maintain positive/harmonious relationships.

5 Items

16. We have procedures that encourage members to participate equally.

17. We have procedures for providing feedback directly to team members.

18. We have procedures for handling the common problems or unexpected events.

19. Agendas are distributed before each team meeting.

20. Follow-up dates are set when actions are agreed upon.

5 Items
21. I am encouraged to express my ideas even when my ideas disagree with the majority.

22. Team members live up to their promises.

23. Team members listen to me even when they disagree with me.

24. Team members have given me positive feedback and recognition.

25. Team members solicit ideas and help from me.

5 Items
26. This team usually completes tasks and meets its deadlines.

27. The team is fulfilling its purpose or mission.

28. Team meetings are efficient.

29. Team meeting end up with all topics and work completed.

30. This team is effective compared to other teams.
5 Items

31. I am satisfied with my job and responsibilities on this team.
32. I get a sense of personal enjoyment being a member of this team.

33. Morale is high on this team.

34. The team pulls together as a unit.

35. My skills and knowledge are fully used on this team.

Conflict Resolution:
36. Differences in style and opinion are encouraged.

37. Team members are allowed to be different.
38. Problems and conflicts are resolved with solutions that meet the needs of everyone involved..
39. Problems and conflicts are confronted until they are resolved.

40. When team members disagree, they listen openly to each other.

5 Items

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