Posted: August 31st, 2015

Harsh correction behaviors.

Topic 1:
You have an effective class management system whereby free time is earned for completing assigned class work. John never gets his work done and therefore never gets free time. You feel badly, but a rule is a rule. John and you are both frustrated.
What do you do?

Topic 2:
You have carefully implemented a respectful way of talking to the youngsters in your class. You are assigned a full time classroom aide who frequently becomes angry with the children and takes it upon herself to harshly correct behaviors you choose to overlook. She thinks you’re “too soft” and don’t fully understand that the kids need “discipline.” She was “whupped” (spanked) while growing up and thinks that’s what the kids need now.
What do you do?

Topic 3:
Jane angrily enters your classroom. She has just been scolded by another teacher for “fooling around” and has had the privilege of eating lunch outside at the picnic tables revoked for the rest of the week. In your class she is refusing to do work, calls out and continues the behavior from the other class, adding to it her complaints of unfairness. The class is in danger of not earning the class reward of an extra recess period for having completed all of your assignments.
What do you do?

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