Posted: March 5th, 2016

Grand Mosque Rome

2500 word essay with referencing (footnotes)
o You should visit and use either the RIBA library or the British Library to do research on your building for this essay (LOTS of Books for sources)
o The essay must cover all of the following issues about your chosen building:
an outline of the career of the architect, and how your chosen building fits within this career and the other buildings done by the architect
You need to research the type and style of building it is (eg a church or a mosque) and relate your building to this
the building’s location and surroundings
the building’s social and cultural history
how the building changed over time (if it did)
the history of how and when it was constructed
the relation of the building to an appropriate aspect of architectural theory – either a general theory of architecture or something which the architect was interested in or wrote
• bibliography
• footnotes

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