Posted: September 21st, 2015

Fundamental Composition

College writing skills with readings 9th edition by John Langan
Requiered Essays : 4 differnt Essays, including peer reviews ( which serves as your rough draft).with brief discussion with furthur details, each essay should be 3 pages in length it should include peer reviewed copy to look at their comments.

Essay 1 : Conference on 1st page 1st full draft typed extra credit : activity 1 pages 582-583.

Essay 2: Commonly confsed words: Read pages 575-582 and Manuscript from: Read pages 523-525. Discussing 2nd essay also by (Definition) Brainstrom Ideas:Read Chapter 14 page 304 Subject-verb agreement & more verbs Read chapter 27 (do activity 1 page 485)

Subjects and verbs Read chapter 23 pages 442-446 do activity and make up review test 1 page 445


PLEASE USE THE ABOVE MENTIONED TEXT BOOK, WHICH IS : readings 9th edition by John Langan.



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