Posted: April 19th, 2016

When you find reliable and relevant sources

An Annotated Bibliography organizes your research by way of APA citations and a short paragraph about each source. For this Assignment, you will create an Annotated Bibliography for four sources related to an argument for change. One of the sources should address an opposing viewpoint or misconception related to your topic. When you find reliable and relevant sources, your instructor will provide insightful feedback on the sources you intend to use in an argument for change in your community or workplace.

The following aspects are required for your Annotated Bibliography Assignment:

My thesis statement is:Prisons in Florida should have cameras throughout the facility, because it would help slow down or may even stop the crime that go on by the inmates and the guards in the facility. Some inmates are killed in prison and the murder is unsolved. Some guards also do illegal activity and not even aware they are putting themselves and others in harms way by bringing contraband inside the prison gates.•Title page in APA manuscript format. •Your potential thesis statement for an argument for change in your community or workplace. •Four sources from at least four of the categories below: •Book, ebook, article, or a chapter from book or ebook •Periodical (e.g., newspaper, magazine, journal article) •Internet source (e.g., blog, organization website, article from Internet site)

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