Posted: November 18th, 2015

Financial Analysis of a FTSE 100 company

This is a financial reporting which analyses your chosen company. I just upload two files but the handbook is very IMPORTANT.

Firstly, you must read the requirement carefully and choose a company in FTSE 100 and also choose its competitor.

Secondly, the handbook includes tutorial 1-6. Each tutorial introduces what you need to do at that stage. You can follow the instructions and do the CALCULATIONS (ratios) and analyse the change of ratios in the report.

At last, I do mention you that it is a financial report. You need focus on the company’s (and also its competitor’s) annual report and do as much analysis as you can.

Plz check the report before you transfer to me, including the spelling, the grammar and so on. I can give you more than ten days as well, please let me know in advance. Make sure the quality of the report! Hope you can do it well thanks:)

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