Posted: December 15th, 2015

Report Community and Client Profile

Report Community and Client Profile
1. look at community profile for Maroonda city council , ring wood,AUSTRALIA .
The dimensions of a Community Assessment 1.Communication 2.Education3.Physical environmental 4.Health and social service 5.Politics and government 6.Safety and transportation 7.Recreation and 8.Economics.
health issues across domains: 1.Biophysical 2.Psychological3.Physical environmental 4.Sociocultural5.Behavioural and 6.Health systems
1 history to help you understand about the values of the community;2.The environment in which people live influences relationships and maybe a source of health problems;3.Information about the residents themselves including housing, occupations, welfare, networks and values and epidemiological data about health problems. 4.Organisations operating in and influencing the area;5.communication methods to help keep in contact with the community and its activities, and 6.Formal and informal power and leadership role
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