Posted: August 30th, 2016

Explain how the Constitution provides for a system of separation of powers ?

Senator that halts the passage of a bill?
concession speech
legal argument
Which of the following is a power NOT given to Congress by the Constitution?
To make any law necessary to carry out its responsibilities.
The power to declare war.
To appoint justices to the Supreme Court.
The power to collect taxes.
How many branches are in the national government and what are their names?
3; Federal, State, and Local
2; Upper House and Lower House
2; Senate and House
3; Executive, Legislative, and Judicial
Numerous American political scientists have observed that the U.S. Constitution is an invitation to struggle among the three branches of government. An example of such a struggle is/are:
The President is designated the Commander in Chief and Congress has the authority to declare war.
The President has the power to negotiate treaties while the Senate has the right of ratification.
Congress has the power to pass legislation while the President has veto power over legislation. The Supreme Court has the power of judicial review.
The President has the power to appoint Ambassadors and Officers while the Senate has confirmation authority.
All of the above.
What is the total number of electoral votes?
The framers of the U.S. Constitution advocated that the power of government would be limited. They ensured this by providing:
A federalist system of government.
that President and Vice President were to be directly elected by the people.
The states were permitted to regulate trade and commerce among themselves
Congress and the President were required to have the Supreme Court assess the constitutionality of all legislation prior to passage.
All of the above.
Explain how the Constitution provides for a system of separation of powers and checks and balances.
Describe how a bill becomes a law.

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