Posted: August 6th, 2015

. Examine death and its place in life span human development.

. Examine death and its place in life span human development.

Directions: For this final assignment, you will analyze how (1) infants, (2) children, (3) adolescents and (4) adults vary in their understanding of and coping with death. In your analysis of the infant, child and adolescent, you will describe how they would cope with the death of a parent; in the adult analysis, you will write about how he/she would cope with the death of a spouse. You will be expected to integrate information covered throughout this course as you compose your answer. As you describe how infants, children, adolescents and adults understand and deal with death, you will be expected to substantiate your answer by citing at least three theorists/concepts for each stage of development. When you compose your answer, specify the age of the child, adolescent, and adult that you are analyzing.

For example, in your analysis of (2) children, the child you choose to analyze is a 5 year old boy. You decide that one part of your answer is a Freudean interpretation of death based on the phallic stage of development. Freud might say that the boy thought his mother was aware of his sexual desire for her (the Oedipus complex), and this knowledge of his desire killed her. In another example, you could frame how a child in Piaget’s preoperational stage of development would view death. Or, how would a child in Erickson’s Initiative vs. Guilt stage of development interpret death?

You will need to cite theories covered throughout the book to substantiate your answers to this assignment.
Part 2
In this discussion question, you will research the medical and moral concerns raised by euthanasia. First of all, distinguish among passive euthanasia, active euthanasia, and assisted suicide.  Then research euthanasia on the internet.  You may also want to spend time reviewing Brittany Maynard and her choice to end her own life.
Assisted suicide has gotten a great deal of media attention because of the role of Dr. Jack Kevorkian (who was imprisoned for his activity) in helping several terminally ill patients to commit suicide, and more recently because of the legalization of assisted suicide in Oregon. If the right to die becomes more firmly established, what safeguards would you like to see to ensure that this option is used responsibly? To aid in this discussion, review the website.

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