Posted: March 8th, 2015

Evidence in Health and Social Care Practice


Introduction, Steps in evidence-based practice (Clinical questioning, Evidence gathering, and Decision-making process), client and family involvement, and conclusion.

I will upload two chapters that will be helpful to answer the questions.

Also use Hoffman (2013) as reference


Answer the following questions with regard to obtaining the best available evidence to inform practice in relation to this scenario:



Whilst working in the respiratory clinic, you are asked by the mother of a teenage girl who has asthma about what type of exercise would be beneficial for managing her daughter’s asthma symptoms.

 Questions to address:

  1. Evidence gathering: (See Chapters 2 & 3 in Hoffman text)
  2. Decision making processes:
  • Using the PICO format, devise three questions that can be informed by research. (Hint: read the examples in Hoffman text on how to formulate a question for investigation using the PICO format and apply it to this scenario)
    • What are the different types of research evidence that could be sought to improve care and outcomes for the client/patient in this scenario? Differentiate between the types and levels of evidence. (Hint: investigate in text qualitative and quantitative research paradigms and the hierarchy of evidence to help answer this).
    • Comment on how you would consult with other health professionals about the evidence you have found that can inform a possible solution to this scenario
  •  (You should identify health team members) and comment on how a judgement about whether or not to use the evidence will be made.
  • Comment on how you would include the patient/client and their family in deciding what evidence is appropriate for the situation. (Consider patient/client needs and context in your answer).



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