Posted: November 9th, 2015

Ethics and Criminal Justice

Ethics and Criminal Justice

Conduct research using the library, news reports, Internet, and videos to find

information on restorative justice, inmate forgiveness, and the right to privacy.
A member of your family was brutally murdered. The inmate is currently on death

row, awaiting execution. A member of a victims’ rights group contacts your family

to discuss the possibility of meeting with your family and the convicted murderer.

The inmate wants to seek forgiveness before he is executed. The members of your

family are outraged that this group dared to even contact your family. Members of

your family express their concern regarding the invasion of their privacy. No

matter what the inmate will say, it will not bring the family member back, and your

family is not concerned with the inmate’s feelings or his desire to make amends for

the crime he committed. Most your family members are opposed to meeting the

convicted murderer, but you have some unanswered questions, and this would help you

deal with the death of your loved one.

You are going to have a family meeting on this matter to decide what action your

family should take. You are preparing some information and performing research on

whether or not meeting the convicted murderer would benefit your family and bring

closure to this tragedy. In your discussion, include theories of morality, values,

and consequences. You must also include the following information for the family to

ensure that everyone is fully informed:

In terms of ethics, describe the concepts and purposes of restorative justice and

Address some ethical issues related to the concepts of restorative justice and

Include some implications of restorative justice and how you would approach the

decision to allow or refuse a meeting with a convicted murderer.
Compose a description of the decision-making process, including the steps on how to

approach the situations, a list of questions if a meeting is granted, or a list of

possible reasons for rejecting the meeting.


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