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a real-life situation such as attending a sporting event, local amateur theatre or other artistic performance, travelling to a foreign destination, attending a concert, playing a board game, etc.

Critically examine how your experience of that event or situation may be affected by your expectations of it, in comparison to expectations you would have of experiencing it in a mediated form, such as watching the sporting event on live TV, watching the theatrical production as a TV/film drama, instead of travelling, watching a TV travel show, watching a rock concert on TV, playing a video game, etc.

Analyse both types of experience of the event or situation in terms of TWO of the following:

? tolerance for boredom or inactivity

? expectations of perfection and high levels of performance

? possible misconceptions of physical and social events

? possibly limited contact with and a superficial views of one’s own environment.

(See Funkhauser & Shaw, 1990: Reading 1.2.)

Where possible, refer to the following concepts in your discussion, and consider the strong/weak/mixed effects paradigms:

? Mainstreaming

? Cultivation Theory

? Cultural Norms Theory

? Media Consonance

? Agenda Setting

? Priming

? Gatekeeping

? Framing

? British Cultural Studies

? Uses and Gratifications

? The Catalytic Hypothesis and

? The Construction of Social Reality.

In your examination of your topic in terms of two of the themes I would expect to see you consider elements such as:

– Who are the relevant gatekeepers in the development of the mediated form of your selected example? Are the gatekeepers in the non mediated one different? How have the gatekeepers altered your perceptions/misconceptions/experience/expectations etc

– What is the role of agenda setting in the mediated experience and what agenda appears to influence your example?

– How have your concepts of reality been influenced/altered/constructed by the mediated version?

– In the mediated example have there been interesting instances and occurrence of stereotyping or maintaining the status quo?

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