Posted: September 15th, 2015

Environmental law

Environmental law

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You are to read the Stimulation ( Zania Case Study ) and answer the following Question.

1. To what extent should the government of an oil or gas-producing nation seek advice from outsiders on how its oil or gas reserves should be developed and the resulting revenues should be used?
2. How far should an oil or gas company go in supporting the development of local communities in which it operates and to what extent should it take on government responsibility for this?
3. Responsibility for Environmental Management: To what extent should the government of an oil/gas-producing nation and/or an oil company seek specialist advice from outsiders, including NGOs on how environmental issues should be managed? What rule shouldAPPLY to NGO activities?

I don’t need a table of content or executive summary, What i need is a background and answers to the Questions. The answers shouldn’t be answered generically. It should be like Question
1. Write the questions?
2. Write the Question

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