Posted: November 15th, 2015

Employee Training and Employee Productivity; Exploratory Analysis of the Nigerian Banking Sector

The literature review should be written under the following sub-headings:
1. historical Context with which training has emerged.
2. Theories of learning
3. Definitions of employee training
4. Evaluating the effectiveness of training (under this heading, the following should be discussed;
a. Training designs i.e., on and off the job training
b. Transferability of training, general and specialised training
c. Effect of line managers)

5. Employee training in sub-saharan Africa (under this heading, the following should be discussed;
a. Training in Nigeria
b. Training in the banking sector)

6. Relationship between training and performance
7. Employee training and productivity (be clear about productivity and its variants)

I will upload some academic papers to be used in the literature review.
Please ensure that 25 of the sources used are peer-reviewed academic papers. They should be referenced in the Harvard style referencing.


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