Posted: September 23rd, 2015

Effects of high carbon level on the deep ocean

1.If only one half of the flora in the world existed in 2110 (perhaps due to deforestation), what do you predict the atmospheric carbon level would be ? How would you change the simulation to reflect this?
2.What is the relationship between increased carbon in the ocean and increased carbon in the soil? How else might carbon be transferred to soil?
3.Using the data generated by the simulation, determine the mathematical relationship between the percentage increase in fossil fuel consumption and the increase in atmospheric carbon. Is the relationship linear?
4.What is the relationship between an increase in fossil fuel consumption and increased carbon in terrestrial plants? How might this change flora populations? What impact could twenty years at this level of consumption have on flora?
5.What is the relationship between an increase in total carbon concentration (the smokestack) and increased carbon in the ocean surface? How might this change marine life populations? What impact could fifty years at this level of emissions have on marine fauna? On marine flora?
6.In addition to circulating through the carbon cycle, where else might excess carbon be found? In fifty years, where would you be most likely to see excess carbon?
7.Which areas are most highly (and quickly) affected by an increase in carbon emissions (and increase in fossil fuel consumption)? How would these effects manifest themselves? What are the dangers/benefits to these areas?
8.How have atmospheric carbon levels changed?
9.Without any fossil fuel consumption, which parts of the cycle have improved their carbon levels in comparison to previous data? Which sections of the cycle have improved from the previous levels you have recorded but still are increasing their carbon levels?
10.What effect does a high carbon level have on the deep ocean? Why might it be important to keep an eye on the deep ocean carbon levels? What could that one number tell you about the cycle as a whole?
11.Try reducing the level of fossil fuel percentage increase and decrease deforestation by 1 GT per year. Predict what will happen to the atmospheric carbon levels and record it in your Data Table. Run the simulation to test your hypothesis. Were you correct? Were you surprised by the result? What about your result surprised you?
12.By 2090, how has the terrestrial flora population changed? What is the carbon level in the soil and how does the carbon level affect the flora populations and species variety?
Compare this chart to the first one you made.
13.In 2070, how are soil carbon levels different? In what ways will this difference in soil carbon level manifest itself?
By 2070, how might the worldwide decomposer populations change? What effects could �business as usual� and the last rate of deforestation you selected have on human health?
14.Have an impact on coastal seaweed populations in 2060? How great an impact?
15.Have an impact on atmospheric carbon in 2110 that is similar to another scenario you�ve investigated? What commonalities exist between these two scenarios?

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