Posted: August 5th, 2015

Doing Business in Asia

Doing Business in Asia

1. Progress Report: Due on 26 August 2015
A knowledge of the location of countries within their regional groupings and their geography is important to the international business person. Prepare a progress report on the salient geographical facts of the country among China, India, Japan and South Korea. By providing the following information of the region or country, students are required to assess the contemporary issues that illustrate unique challenges of international business in the country of your choice. For example, students could focus on the macro-economic and political changes that have taken place in the last four decades of the country or region and suggest the implications of these changes for today’s international business.
The progress report should be word-processed with a text length of 1000 words excluding appendices, references and bibliography. Your progress report should reflect the following:
Understanding of the nature of case;
Theoretical understanding of the research;
Practical application of the study;
Logic and clarity of the research; and
Examples given.

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