Posted: April 4th, 2015

does not need a litle

does not need a litle

1)allergies to latex why it is important to prepare the sterile instrument.

2)why a patient infection is operated on at the end of the list.
3)why suture in the different type of operation absorbable unabsorbable .prolene fat stitch. what qualities do look for when surgeon.
4 ) diathermy the dangers, why you can not us diathermy for with patient pacemaker metalwork.
5)The danger of x-ray in theatre . what type of precautions is requiered to protect theatre staff . x-ray gown must be kept properly in a rack to keep them from being destroyed.

6. personal protection in the theatre.why goggles are used when co2 laser are used.
the different type of google for different type of laser, for example, greenlight laser and holmium laser used for urology.

7) swab and instrument count during surgery and count in important why.
8) why fluid is warmed for use with patients during a surgical procedure.
9)The correct way handle specimen and how to immerse the specimen in formalhyde.

10) what tape of prep is suitable for different type of surgery . for example gyne , urology and general or orthpidics considering allergic reaction..

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