Posted: September 15th, 2015

Discrimination in relation to mental illness

Discrimination in relation to mental illness

Order Description

A business report in managing workplace relations. The report is about developing a policy in Discrimination in relation to mental illness in Australia. The specification of the paper requirements will be attached.

Maximum words: 2000
(Business Report)
You are employed in the Human Resources Department of a large hotel chain named Acorn Ltd. Acorn Ltd has recently acquired a hotel on the Sunshine Coast whose HRM processes need to be updated. You are asked by your manager to provide a report detailing the need for policies in Discrimination in relation to mental illness.
Your report should be in two parts:
Part A: The nature and extent of the problem (10 marks: 750 words approx.)
In this section you need to detail the nature and extent of the discrimination you are discussing and its impact on business.
Part B: A draft policy (20 marks: 1250 words approx.)
Use the Human Right Commission guide on writing a policy on discrimination and harassment posted with this document to write a draft policy on the topic of discrimination that you have chosen. (Check the uploaded documents)
You may refer to other precedents available on the websites of other organisations and or academic sources for ideas. Be careful however to use your own words and not to simply reproduce (and hence plagarise) other sources.
Research component:
You can begin your research by reading the HRC publication (Check the uploaded documents) of Workers with Mental Illness.
You need to research and reference at least two other academic sources (which might include government reports if appropriate) in addition to the HRC publications provided(ie at least four references are needed).
Word Count
Any executive summary or other preliminary matters (eg limits to the report) are not included in the word count. Tables or charts summarising information may be included as appendices and referred to in the body of your work; and will not be included in the word count. There is a 10% margin above and below the 2000 words, which is acceptable.The total number of words used should be noted at the conclusion of the paper.References and headings are not included in the word count.

General Writing Guidelines
It is most important when writing an assignment to answer the question that is asked.  Your discussion should be succinct, precise and logically developed. Answers should be in prose.  Avoid unnecessary or over use of bullet points. A new paragraph should be used for each new idea. Long and complex sentences and paragraphs should be avoided. Link paragraphs logically with preceding paragraphs.

The following guidelines reflect the requirements of formal academic writing and those relevant to this course:

1.    Headings may be used.
2.    Avoid abbreviations – eg use ‘has not’ instead of ‘hasn’t’.
3.    Avoid informal language- eg use ‘Therefore..’ instead of ‘So..’ or ‘Well..’.
4.    Avoid use of emotive language – eg use ‘I argue.., “I would argue..’, ‘I assert.., or ‘I contend..’ instead of ‘I believe..’, ‘I feel..’ or even ‘I think..’.
5.    Be mindful your analysis should provide logical argument not personal responses that are emotional or value-laden.
6.    Avoid use of ‘slang’ or poor grammar (eg use ‘should have’ instead of ‘should of’).
7.    Check and re-check spelling and grammar; use the spell and grammar checks available in Word.
Use Harvard style referencing.

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