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Development of an Organisational Strategy

Development of an Organisational Strategy

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Referencing style
The Faculty of Health uses the ‘Harvard (UTS)’ style for in text referencing and production of a reference list. Please
refer to for guidance on this referencing style.

Assessment task 2: Development of an organisational strategy

Intent: This assessment item focusses on the skills required to develop a strategy and implement it within a healthcare organisation.

Objective(s):This assessment task addresses subject learning objective(s): A, B, C and D

Subject objectivesUpon successful completion of this subject students should be able to:

A.Explain the key elements in organisational structures, processes and cultures in terms of their implications for management roles and effective management practices;

B.  Consider the implications of organisational effectiveness on healthcare services and organisations within jurisdictional requirements, including the interplay between organisations, management and employees;

C.Critically appraise selected aspects of organisations which may impact on human resource management, financial management and organisational performance;

D. Create a variety of ways in which complex issues can be effectively communicated for a variety of target audiences

This assessment task contributes to the development of graduate attribute(s): 1.1, 1.2 and 3.1

This subject also contributes specifically to the following graduate attributes:

.Critique, interpret and synthesise data and research findings to develop safe, effective and evidence-based solutions to healthcare challenges. (1.1)

.Propose relevant problem solving and human factors theories to the analysis of common issues inherent in the management and evaluation of healthcare services . (1.2)

.Create and lead social and ethical accountability to enable efficient use of resources and equity of access to optimal and safe health care. (3.1)

Type: (Report)

Assume you are the Chief Executive Officer of a not-for-profit organisation which has successfully tendered for the right to provide acute, community and aged care services for a newly developed facility scheduled to open in six months. This facility, Chandler Health, will service the needs of 10,000 people within newly built suburbs on the periphery of a major city.

1.Construct a three year strategy for this new organisation that addresses all three services – Chandler Health 2015-2017. No referencing is required for this section. (one page and ~300 words) NB Any content presented on a second page will not be read or awarded marks – the entire strategy MUST be presented on one page. Font can be altered to accommodate this, but it must not be smaller than 9 point size.

The strategy should include:
.an introductory explanation (~ three sentences)
.a motto (~ 8 words)
.a vision statement (~ 2 sentences)
.a mission statement (~ 3 themes)
. a set of strategic goals (~ 6 themes)
. a set of values (~ 6 themes)
.graphic or pictorial images to support strategic themes. (~ 3 images)
2.Select one strategic goal from your chosen goals and propose how this will be achieved in this three year period. No referencing is required for this section. (one page table in dot points [sentences not required] and ~ 400 words) NB Any content presented on a second page will not be read or awarded marks – the selected strategic goal MUST be presented on one page. Font can be altered to accommodate this, but it must not be smaller than 9 point size.

The goal should include:
.   a rationale for this goal
.   objectives to achieve this goal
.   priority actions for each objective
.   challenges or risks in implementing these actions
.   how progress or achievement of this goal will be measured
.  three key references that might be useful for staff to appreciate the importance of this goal.

3.Design a framework that will guide the development of the entire strategy and its integration into the daily activities of Chandler Health. Referencing is required for this section. (~ 1100 words)

The strategy framework should include:
.how the needs of the customers (patients and community) would be established
.who the relevant internal and external stakeholders are that need to be consulted
. how a representative strategy creation committee would be created
.how all staff would be engaged in the creation of the strategy
. how the strategy would be communicated to the staff
.how the strategy would be evaluated, including when and by whom.

20% Constructs a comprehensive and complete strategy that is relevant to Chandler Health and demonstrates a depth of knowledge about strategy formulation

20% Proposes relevant steps to achieve one strategic goal that demonstrates a depth of knowledge about organisational effectiveness

40% Designs a clear and succinct framework that guides strategy development relevant to Chandler Health

10% Validates perspectives through correct interpretation and explicit linkage of relevant and current literature (> year 2004) to the assessment focus

10% Produces correct grammar, spelling, formatting, style (report), and referencing

Length: 1800 words (report style)

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