Posted: November 25th, 2020

Describe your experience with using gas laws in your life and at work

a) Describe your experience with using gas laws in your life and at work. For example, have you ever climbed a mountain and cooked your food there or gone scuba diving? Describe the application and the impact (both positive and negative) that manipulation of the properties of gases and solutions may have on our health and environment.b) Look at the images of an “Iron Lung”. What was the function of this machine? Knowledge of what gas law(s) was used to design it? Describe.Looking forward to reading what you have discovered during your research!             You do not have to write an essay on each discussion topic proposed above. Instead, you can choose only one discussion topic (either from the discussion board above or come up with your own relevant topic) and provide an elaborate and in depth description and explanation. Remember, no duplicates will be accepted, so check what your colleagues have posted before posting your own.

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