Posted: January 4th, 2017

Describe the marketing mix and explain its role in a marketing strategy

Explain the scope and impact of marketing and events within an organization  • Describe the marketing mix and explain its role in a marketing strategy  • Apply basic event and marketing concepts (e.g., planning, coordinating, staffing, marketing, segmentation, targeting and positioning (STP), risk management, evaluation, etc) • Relevant marketing and special events materials, definitions, classifications, concepts and theories are included in the report.  • Organisational content is described, explained and summarised accurately  • Case study promotional activities are fully and accurately identified  • Only relevant material is included in the report • Content is supported with evidence of some relevant research from a minimum of two key marketing and special events text or articles and a minimum of three websites  • Case study situation analysis demonstrates evidence of appropriate external and case study research • Explain how knowledge of basic event and marketing concepts and theories can be linked and applied to the case study  • Case study strategies and activities are reviewed from different perspectives and evaluated with both internal and external concepts  • Ownership of the material presented. Correct style, grammar and syntax.  • Conclusions and recommendations are explicitly derived from the report’s content and research and are appropriate to the case study Summarise Red Bull GmbH’s background and history, turnover, management structure, current corporate goals and targets, and markets. Your summary should use material from the Red Bull web site, and other relevant online sources (approx. 250 words).  • Develop a SWOT analysis to identify Red Bull GmbH’s current situation in relation to its main competitors. You should identify a minimum of three/four/five strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Your model should be developed referencing core marketing texts with content developed from articles and web sites (approx. 250 words).  • Describe the marketing mix and its role in marketing, referencing two relevant theories and concepts (200 words).  • Explain how Red Bull use the different elements of the marketing mix to promote their brand. Your explanation should be illustrated with specific examples of Red Bull events, promotional activities and target audiences (300 words).  • Create a diagram explaining how special events are defined and classified. Your diagram should draw upon relevant core texts (150 words).  • Classify at least four Red Bull events using the model you have provided (150 words).

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