Posted: March 10th, 2016

Demonstration and Viva on the Implementation of an iOS Application

Demonstration and Viva on the Implementation of an iOS Application (70%)

For the second part of this assessment, you will be required to attempt to implement, test and demonstrate your project idea (as closely implemented as possible to your proposed design of Part A)

You will be expected to individually demonstrate the functionality of your application, and be able to answer questions about your code and application structure, to your tutors.

The criteria to be fulfilled for implementation remains as stated in Part A above.

A guideline marking scheme could be:
• Basic functionality of Application (ability to allow user to manipulate some element of data) [up to 20 Marks]
• Usability (quality and intuitiveness of the application’s User Interface) [up to 20 Marks]
• Use of OO concepts (custom classes / design patterns) [up to 10 Marks]
• Use of Data Persistence (ability to persist data and complexity of techniques used to persist data) [up to 20 Marks]
• Use of additional API(s) (complexity and usability /integration of extensions to Application) [up to 10 Marks]
• Understanding and Appreciation of iOS implementation concepts and patterns [up to 20 Mark

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