Posted: March 30th, 2017

Which decision enacted the policy of cuius region, eius religio?

The term “Protestants” was first used:

Puritans inspired by __________  ideas insisted on the need to restore the pure practices and doctrines of the New Testament.

Which is not true of John Knox:

Luther was the first to take full advantage of what medium for propaganda and to write with this in mind:

Which decision enacted the policy of cuius region, eius religio?

The _____ approved the imperial decree that Anabaptist could be put to death based on an ancient Roman law directed against the Donatists.

A common view among the first Anabaptist was the compromise between the church and the state that came as a result of the conversion of Constantine was a betrayal of primitive Christianity.

Luther’s “theology of the cross” means

In order to solidify relations with _____ King Henry VII arranged a marriage of his son, Arthur, to Catherine of Aragon.

Contribution factors to the Reformation:

Under the reign of which monarch of England was a via media sought by the enactment of the Thirty-Nine Articles:

Desiderius Erasmus

Which Scandinavian king tried to impose Catholic rule through force and was eventually imprisoned for the last 27 years of his life, allowing Protestantism to expand in Scandinavia?

Calvin was banned from Geneva for insisting on the right of the church to excommunicate unrepentant sinner.

Zwingli held the view that whatever is not expressly prohibited in Scripture is permissible for use in worship services.

Match the following:

Charles V

Henry VIII



Mary Stuart



Martin Bucer

In spite of the terms of the peace of ____1532, Protestants continued to expand

Luther’s spiritual breakthrough came while studying Romans 1:17. What new insight led to this new understanding?

Those who followed the Zurich Consensus were called:

The Seventeen Provinces resented which leader

Which one opposed the reforms of Henry VIII?

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