Posted: August 6th, 2015

Critical response to reading. Art&Design

Read both of the articles that have been put on LEO under Assessments. You need to write a short critical evaluation for each of these articles.
You should deal with each piece separately. In your response you must identify what type of writing this is (exhibition review, essay, discussion etc) and what you think the aim of it is. You must identify what the author is trying to say – their central theme or argument – and highlight some of the points they use to demonstrate the theme or argument. Your response is a critical evaluation of what they have written. There should be less emphasis on summary and more emphasis on critique. When completed, your work should be able to express some of the viewpoint and argument of the author and demonstrate your understanding of the content.

Two articles:
Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, ‘Revolutions Forms That Turn: the impulse to revolt’ in Biennale of Sydney 2008, Revolution: Forms that Turn (exhibition catalogue), Thames and Hudson, 2008.

Julian Stallabrass, ‘High Art Lite at the Royal Academy’ [review of Sensation], Third Text, no. 42, Spring 1998, pp. 79-84
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