Posted: September 2nd, 2015

crime and gender

Choose “one” of the following topics:

1. The women’s liberation hypothesis posits that with female societal emancipation women’s offending will increase in frequency and become more akin to male crime (i.e. gender convergence). Current portrayals of young women in the popular media suggest that the women’s liberation hypothesis may be correct with reports arguing that young women’s offending, particularly their use of violence, is on the rise. As such, young women’s use of violence is now portrayed as being similar to that of young men. Utilising the research literature, provide an assessment of the women’s liberation hypothesis by exploring the proposition of gender convergence in youth violent offending.

Hint What you will need to do to address this essay topic: 1) find and discuss media reports suggesting that young women’s violent offending is increasing and becoming similar to young men’s use of violence; 2) discuss the women’s liberation hypothesis; 3) find and discuss research literature that has investigated whether or not young women’s violence is increasing to levels similar to that of young men (you might also use primary data e.g. government crime statistics); 4) determine and discuss whether or not, based on the research literature (and primary data if used), young women’s violence is actually increasing to levels similar to young men; 5) in light of the evidence that you have gathered, discuss the salience of the women’s liberation hypothesis, 6) explore/discuss other plausible explanations for your findings.
If u r doing this one please have a look at these readings if they may help:
1.1 Steffensmeier, D., Feldmeyer, B. (2006). Are Girls More Violent Today Than a Generation Ago? Probably Not. Viewpoints (Fall Edition) 71-100.

1.2 Schwartz, Jennifer and Darrell Steffensmeier. 2007. “The Nature of Female Offending: Patterns and Explanation.” In Female Offenders: Critical Perspective and Effective Interventions, edited by Ruth Zaplin. Boston: Jones & Bartlett.

1.3 Holmes, J. (2010). Female offending: Has There Been an Increase? Crime and Justice Statistics Issue Paper no 46. Sydney: New South Wales Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research
2. The purpose of this essay is to consider how R.W. Connell’s (1995) concept of hegemonic masculinity might illuminate our understanding of male violent offending? Utilising the research literature, use the concept of hegemonic masculinity to explore and explain one of the following offences committed by men: 1) sexual assault of women; 2) violent hate crimes against homosexual men; 3) opposite sex intimate partner violence; 4) same sex intimate partner violence; 5) sexual abuse of children; 6) filicide (i.e. killing of one’s own children).
Hint What you will need to do to address this essay topic: 1) discuss Connell’s concept of hegemonic masculinity; 2) find and discuss research literature that has investigated the connection between hegemonic masculinity and the crime you have chosen; 3) utilising this research literature explore and explain how the concept of hegemonic masculinity might illuminate our understanding of the crime you have chosen.

“please look at the file that I will upload because I highlighted the questions u have to answer and make it easier to understand the what to do.”

use at least 8 QUALITY references (ie key theorists, etc).

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