Posted: September 2nd, 2015

CPI report (Clinical Governance and Practice Improvement)

CPI report (Clinical Governance and Practice Improvement)

Assignment 3 builds on the work already undertaken for Assignment 2. You will be provided with:

resources relating to commonly used CPI tools

0 a CPI template that you must type your CPI paper into.
You will be required to use the online library databases to locate a minimum of eight (8) secondary literature sources that closely relate to your nursing issue from
Assignment 2. For example:

0 systematic literature review, Cochrane review

practice guidelines

0 clinical protocol or guideline

government report

position paper ofguideline from a reliable webcbased resource (eg. The Heart Foundation orthe ARC etc).
You are permitted to use the same sources you used in Assignment 2 if they were secondary sources.
You will be required to construct a CPI report using the supplied CPI template (available on FLO). In orderto pass this assignment, you must successfully address
each of the criteria outlined on the Assignment 3 marking rubric which is available on FLO.

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