Posted: March 15th, 2016

Construct a creative marketing strategy (text & supporting visuals) Selfridges

Construct a creative marketing strategy (text & supporting visuals) Selfridges
The assessment must be a new initiative for your chosen company. The report must contain evidence of primary and secondary research and original imagery. Your primary research needs to include a survey and details of your own visits to your chosen retailer and suitable competitors and interviews with customers and store staff. Your secondary research needs to include references to published market research, articles, websites and books. The strategy needs to communicate your idea and you will also need to explain how this campaign will be launched to drive the chosen business forward and what success will look like. The launch needs to be considered within a time frame and the expected results. All text and images need to be clearly referenced in the report using the Harvard referencing system.

The new marketing strategy i want you to use is creating an app for selfridges. the app would allow users to purchase anything through it and have it delivered to their home or they can choose the click-and-collect service.

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