Posted: April 4th, 2015

Computer science

Computer science

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Part 7: Project Communications Management:
You are in the fourth month of the project and several issues have arisen. Alexandra, from the software company said that their initial labor estimate was too low because you did not provide complete specifications or mention their involvement in the final customer testing. Everyone thought that the system would be easy to develop and deploy, but now the software supplier has increased its cost estimate by $20,000. John, the purchasing specialist, does not like the two part security method selected and went straight to the project sponsor to voice his opposition. He said that recent negative press against that company would not sit well with many of the university’s conservative alumni. You know that by changing the security software, the software company would have to do even more coding, increasing the cost again. Mike, one of the information technology specialists, came and told you that he feels overwhelmed on the project and doesn’t understand all the work the suppliers are doing. As project manager, you have been getting short, weekly status reports from all of your team members and suppliers, but many of them did not address challenges people are obviously facing.

1. Create an issue log for the project. List at least three issues and related information based on the scenario presented.
2. In addition to written weekly status reports, what else might you suggest to improve project communications? Summarize your ideas in a one-page paper.
3. Since many of the software company’s people work in other countries and in a virtual environment, they are used to coding applications that are very well defined and communicated by non-face-to-face methods. Research best practices for security in this type of environment. Summarize your findings in a one- to two-page paper, citing at least two references.
4. Write a one- to two-page paper describing how you might approach two of the conflicts described above. Explain the conflict-handling mode you are suggesting and why you think it would work.

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