Posted: August 31st, 2015

Competitive Analysis.

Writer, you are to help with a secondary research and write up of the competitive analysis of the US paint industry/market.

Who are your competitors? PPG Industries, Sherwin William, & Behr
Why are the above listed companies successful? Write on this…
What do their customers think of them? Write on this…
What are substitutes for an insulating paint? Write on this…
What are the economics of your product (a insulating paint)? Write on this…

This competitive analysis should identify the competition by product line and market segment. Access the following characteristics of the competitive landscape:
•Market share of the listed companies above??
•Their strengths and weaknesses??
•How important is the airline industries to these companies i.e do they sell to airline companies?
•Are there any indirect or secondary competitors in the US paint industry?
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