Posted: March 11th, 2016

Compare and contrast market fundamentalist and protectionist approaches to the state in the innovation economy. Describe how these two approaches play out in SiliconValley.Which of these positions on the role of the state do you find more compelling? Why

1. Introduction (one paragraph – about 50 words)

Start with a strong introduction. Talk about the double movement and cite the relevant author (= you know who he is!). Don’t waste words; get to the point fast. Don’t waffle, don’t be vague. Show that you know the class material. Don’t make up stuff and hide your lack of work behind fancy phrases and/or big words.

2. Middle (several paragraphs – about 600 words in total)

You have many things to accomplish in this middle part of the essay: (1) describe market fundamentalism and name an author that represents this viewpoint, (2) describe protectionism and identify an author that is associated with this position, and (3) map these two positions onto contemporary debates that are raging in Silicon Valley. I want to see four distinct authors named in the course of this discussion.

3. Conclusion (one paragraph – about 100 words)

This is where you MUST take a position in the debate. There are no right or wrong answers here. As you well know, I have my own position but my expectation here is NOT that you parrot back my position. We will evaluate your work in this part of the essay by looking for (1) whether you have, in fact, taken a position, (2) if this position is clear, and (3) have you made an attempt to defend it. Do not simply assert that one position is better than the other – show it!

Throughout all of this, the focus should be kept on INNOVATION. What is it that these two positions have to say about the role of the state in the innovation economy? Does the state help or harm innovation? When you come to declaring your own point of view, please take one that you think is most likely to lead to a thriving innovation economy – now and in the future.

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