Posted: August 7th, 2015

Compare and contrast

Compare and contrast three organizations corporate governance policies, codes of ethics or diversity policies for an organization. You will be using one of the two Compare/Contrast graphic organizers provided to analyze your findings. Then you will write 2 Pages paper using APA format that compares and contrasts the three organizations’ policies. Be certain to include the websites of the organization used to access the information by creating a references page as a document. If you need assistance constructing a compare and contrast organizer or paper, consider this website: Read, Write, Think: . At the same website there is also a similar tool to assist with writing a compare/contrast essay.

You will submit:
1. Completed Graphic Organizer
2. Two page paper that compares and contrasts (Incliude a bibliography)
Grading: This assignment is worth 150 points toward your final grade and will be graded using the Assignment Rubric.
Note: There are two PDF pages attached needs to be filled up..
**** The professor is very picky about using resources in the body of the paragraph when it needed and gives credits to the original writer or websites or….., So, please make sure if you have any thought from anywhere to cite it in the body of the paragraph beside the citation, also and PLEASE make sure about the PLAGIARISM.
Thank you
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