Posted: December 29th, 2015

compare and contrast Place des Vosges (1612) and Rue de Meaux Apartments (1991 – architect: Renzo Piano)

-The essay should focus on an interrogation of the two buildings in relation to one of the below themes, articulate a broad understanding of this analysis in a critical essay, and your arguments be supported with reference to a broad knowledge of architectural discourse drawn from focused research.
-Within this general aim you should select one theme from the following:
Tectonics: Interiority / Exteriority
Tectonics: Materiality / Immateriality
Tectonics: Honesty of Expression / Expression
People: Bodies at rest / Bodies in motion
People: Evoking memories / Making memories
People: Efficiency / Landmark, or Power / Emancipation (You only need to deal with 1 pair)
Place: Finding Site / Making Site
Place: Landskip / Landschaft
Place: Nature / Technology
-Essay structure:
Briefly introduce the two buildings you are analysing, including: names of the buildings;
when they were completed; and the name of the architects (where known).
Identify the theme you have chosen within which to frame your analysis, why this theme
is relevant to these two buildings – (or why these two buildings are relevant to this
What key point(s) you are trying to make, and/or key questions you are trying to answer,
and/or key questions you are trying to raise.
2- Analysis
Under subheadings of your selected theme, interrogate (i.e., question / probe
deeply) how the two buildings exemplify / reflect this theme. In supporting your interrogation
you should draw upon:
– Existing historical / theoretical discourse. See for example recommended / suggested
reading lists for Semester 1, and recommended reading lists as per relevant lecture for
your selected theme.
– Images (e.g., diagrams, drawings, photographs) to help illustrate your points.
– Note that you should not write about one point on one building in any one paragraph,
followed by a discussion of the same point on the other building in another paragraph;
instead discuss how this point is evidenced in both buildings within the same paragraph.
Provide a short conclusion summarising the most significant points discussed in
your analysis; i.e., what key point(s) you are trying to make, and/or key questions you are
trying to answer, and/or key questions you are trying to raise.
4- References
(Humanities Footnotes Style: You must include a list of alphabetically ordered
references at the end of your work that provides details on the sources

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