Posted: April 7th, 2015

Close Reading;Black Watch by gregory burke

Close Reading;Black Watch by gregory burke

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PLAY TO ANSWER PROMPT: Black Watch by gregory burke DO NOT USE OUTSIDE RESOURCES OF ANY KIND. THIS IS A CLOSE READING ASSIGNMENT. DO NOT USE SOURCES FOR REFERENCE OR ANALYSING TEXT. Assignment Prompt Assess the argument made about war in one of the plays from the first half of the course. Your essay should identify the argument made in the play ? your interpretation based on a close reading ? and then analyze how that argument is made. In formulating your argument, you might ask yourself some of the following questions: What lesson about war does the play offer? (For example: Is war good, bad, inevitable, absurd? What are the responsibilities of soldiers, civilians, armorers, statespersons?) How does the play make its message clear to the audience? (For example: What do the characters believe about war, and how does the audience relate to the characters? How are the characters affected by war? How is war/battle/conflict shown onstage, if at all, and if not, how is that significant?) Assignment Guidelines ? Your essay should comprise 6-7 pages of text. In practice, this means your conclusion should end somewhere on the seventh page. ? The essay should include a title, thesis statement, introduction, and conclusion. ? Please utilize standard formatting: 1? margins, double-spaced text, 12-point Times New Roman font. ? Include a header on the first page with your name, the name of the class, the name of the assignment, and the due date; a header on all additional pages with your last name; and a footer on each page with the page number. ? Use Chicago Manual of Style citations for this essay. Please include a list of Works Cited at the end of the text. Be sure to consult a style guide to learn the appropriate format for citing your primary text. ??????03/09/2015 LFYW1000LX Spring 2015 Instructor: Amanda Zadorian Theater and Politics ? As the purpose of this essay is primarily textual analysis, not research do not use outside sources. ? Because this is a textual analysis, quotations will probably make up more than the standard 10% of your text, but use quotes judiciously and purposively. Only quote the words/phrases/sentences/passages that pertain directly to the point you are trying to prove. Unnecessary use of block quotes will detract from your grade. Paraphrase whenever the exact wording of an idea is not necessary. ? The revised essay submitted on Friday, April 17 should incorporate substantive revisions to the structure of the text, as suggested in Peer Review and/or Individual Consultations, as well as corrections of grammatical or proofreading errors. Grading Criteria You will be graded about equally on three criteria: 1. QualityofCriticalThoughtandArgumentation:Doesyouressayhaveaclearthesis? Does the thesis have tension? Is your analysis logically presented? Is your evidence relevant and convincing? 2. WritingStyleandMechanicsIsyouressayfreeofproofreadingand/orgrammatical errors? Do you employ transitions within paragraphs, and to guide the reader from paragraph to paragraph and to refer back to the thesis? Do you cite everywhere necessary, and in the appropriate format? 3. Adherence to the Assignment Components: Does your essay analyze of a play from the syllabus? Does it identify a main argument of the play? Does it make an argument about how the play makes its argument?

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