Posted: September 22nd, 2016

Choose a public inquiry and address the following issues: What happened? How it happened? Who was involved?

Guidelines for presentation 1. Choose a public inquiry from the list below or you can choose one of your own. A power point presentation or equivalent is required and full details are below. You will provide a 20 minute presentation using power point (or alternative) on the topic of your chosen public inquiry. You must provide the lecturer with at least a 2000 word +/­ 10% summary report that contains academic references THIS IS AN INDIVIUDAL SUBMISSION AND MUST BE SUBMITTED VIA BB. 2. Total presentation time must not exceed 25 minutes Effective time management forms part of the assessment criteria. 3. The 2000 +/­ 10% word summary must contain a. An introduction b. A summary of key information c. Information about the issues as below d. A conclusion e. References 4. Presentations should incorporate the following structure: a. Introduction� you need to introduce the inquiry, outline relevant findings and discuss the outcome. b. Stimulating presentation � The presentation should be realistic and effectively convey the inquiry findings as listed below. Creativity is encouraged. Assistance can be provided with presentation style Power point etc. c. Conclusion­ the presentation is formally brought to a close with a summary of the main aspects of the presentation. 5. Every effort should be made to make this presentation interesting and motivating. It is a substantial assignment and is worth 45% of the total marks for the unit. 6. The criteria used to mark presentations can be used as a checklist when planning and rehearsing. Choose a public inquiry and address the following issues: What happened? How it happened? Who was involved? Why did it go undetected for the period of time? What recommendations were made? Revisit literature to find out if any comments made about the implications of the recommendations, Examine issues for example

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