Posted: April 20th, 2016

Should my child play football?

research different points of view about STUDENT DEBT respond to the five questions below. Each of your responses should be approximately two paragraphs in length. This assignment will be graded using the Week 1 Assignment Rubric available in Doc Sharing.

1. What is your possible topic? Brainstorm five questions about it. In this section pick a topic from the above list and then brainstorm five questions you have about it. If you feel disconnected from the topics on the list, choose one of your own, but make sure it is not an “overused topic,” such as abortion, gun control, capital punishment or legalization of marijuana. That is unless you have personal experience with the topic and can offer a unique perspective. Also, beware of current issues that might not be well-researched yet; you may not find enough sources at this time. Your purpose for brainstorming five questions is to narrow the topic to a manageable scope. Who knows, one of the questions may eventually become your research question, the question that directs your entire paper. Need help getting started? See the list of questions below that are related to the following topics: perils of social networking, concussion and athletes, and grade inflation. (The examples below do not include five questions; but yours should.)

Examples: • Perils of social networking: How does social networking affect our social lives and our outlook on the world? Does it make us more socially isolated? What dangers are involved in meeting people online? Should my children be on social network sites, and at what age might it be okay for children to be on social networking sites? • Concussions and Athletes: How do head injuries affect athletes over the long term, especially when repeated head injuries? What are the medical data and statistics? My kid plays football; what are the statistics on injuries to teenagers, and thus, should my child play football? • Grade Inflation: How should the world of higher education my world—copes with problems of grade inflation? Should students complain about grade inflation knowing that it might affect the rigor of the course?

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