Posted: July 12th, 2016

How does that change the contribution towards profitability?

Differential Analysis-knowing which costs are relevant etc.

Lewis company:

production and sales information for Lewis Company.

Product information

Prod B

Beginning inventory

Units produced

Units sold

Selling price per unit

Variable costs per unit

Direct material

Direct labor

Variable overhead

Variable selling and administrative

Fixed costs

Fixed manufacturing overhead

Fixed selling and administrative

Lewis Company

Absorption Income Statement

For the period ending Dec. 31, 2012


Cost of goods sold

Gross profit (margin)

Selling and administrative expenses

Net income

Lewis Company receives an offer to make a new product for a new customer. The product is called C. Customer wants 1100 units. Product see has the same cost structure as Product B above with three exceptions. The new customer will only pay $245.00 per unit. Direct materials costs will onlu decrease $15 per unit and Lewis does not have to incur any variable selling and admin expenses.

Make a list of expenses and amounts that are relevent for this decision. How much with the sale of this product contributes to the profitability of Lewis?
What if the company only paid $225.00 per unit. How does that change the contribution towards profitability? If you were the manager would you accept this order? What cosiderations other than financial would affect the decision?

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