Posted: March 11th, 2016

Case study on Werner syndrome

A case study on Werner syndrome needs to be produced, A patient scenario with this disease must be made up making sure the patient is of usual age, gender and whatever else is necessary.

• aetiology: describe the specific disorder and the biological basis of its cause of origin

• all aspects of pathogenesis: discuss the development/progression of the disease in the patient and the symptoms displayed

• epidemiological aspects: include mode of transmission within the population

• strategy and methods used to establish its presence in a clinical context: relate the methods used to laboratory disciplines i.e. microbiological, haematological, histopathological, biochemical etc

• progression and monitoring: discuss the role of the laboratory in investigating abnormalities resulting from the disease process

• treatment/prevention: drug effects may be considered if relevant

• future research: how may current and future research help to elucidate the mechanisms behind the disorder and new treatment/prevention strategies.

• support all your comments by reference to relevant literature. Bibliographic references must be cited using Harvard referencing

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