Posted: August 6th, 2015

case study "Chapter Enrichment program Team at the American Red Cross(A)"


case study “Chapter Enrichment program Team at the American Red Cross(A)”
Answer question:
1, what problems did Munroe have with the Evans County Team’s report? What factors explain these problems?
2. why did Miller develop the module structure and the Adivsor hand book?what previous problem did it solve?what were the strengths of the CEP method of structuring and staffing team?
3. what was the program officer’s role in the CEP team?should this role be changed? If so, how?
4. What changes, if any, should Miller make to the CEP’s method of utilizing teams?
Only answer the questions, no introduction, no conclusion is needed.
if you can use the book ” making the team, Thompson”, that could be better.

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