Posted: August 9th, 2016

Capture a few more voters from the other party.?

The idea of party loyalty is an interesting one ** in terms of ideology, moderates are the ones that decide elections. When it comes to parties and elections, one can follow this paradigm:

1. Capture the vast majority of your party s registered voters
2. Capture at least half of independent voters
3. Capture a few more voters from the other party.

Obama s victory definitely followed this strategy. By capturing more than 2/3 of independent voters, he was able to ensure victory.

When it comes to breaking the mold, the best example in recent memory is Reagan s 1984 reelection. So many Democrats voted for him they were referred to as Reagan Democrats for a period of time. These were moderate Democrats that supported his fiscal plan and foreign policy, as well as his personal character.

Everyone, it is perfectly acceptable to mention candidates and policies when discussing this question ** these are indeed the best examples to mention. Simply be mindful of other views, and we ll continue to have an excellent conversation!

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