Posted: March 23rd, 2017

calculate the payback period.

Cedes limited has the following details of two of the future production plans.  Only one of these machines will be purchased and the venture would be taken to be virtually exclusive.  The Standard model costs £50,000 and the Deluxe cost £88,000 payable immediately.  Both machines will require the input of the following:


  1. i)          Installation costs of £20,000 for Standard and £40,000 for the Deluxe
  2. ii)         A £10,000 working capital through their working lives.


Both machines have no expected scrap value at end of their expected working lives of 4 years for the Standard machine and six years for the Deluxe.  The operating pre-tax net cash flows associated with the two machines are:



Year 1 2 3 4 5 6



























The deluxe machine has only been introduced in the market and has not been fully tested in the operating conditions, because of the high risk involved the appropriate discount rate for the deluxe machine is believed to be 14% per annum, 2% higher than the rate of the standard machine.  The company is proposing the purchase of either machine with a term loan at a fixed rate of interest of 11% per annum, taxation at 30% is payable on operating cash-flows one year in arrears and capital allowance are available at 25% per annum on a reducing balance basis.




For both the Standard and the Deluxe machines, calculate the payback period.

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