Posted: April 6th, 2016

Business Feasibility Analysis (Coffee Shop)

The Business Feasibility Guidelines:
1.     Must be typed and produced in MLA or APA format using electronic word processing.  Basic information includes your name, this course and number, time and day, title of your business concept typed and centered on the cover page, with each page numbered consecutively.  An example will be provided during class, along with a score sheet (rubric) that will serve as your guide for arrangement of sections and their respective content expectations, as well as available points for each.
Note:  Microsoft Word application software automatically defaults to a format that is not in compliance with MLA or APA, so you will need to reset your file formatting or you will lose points when I grade your work.
2.     Length:  your Business Feasibility Analysis must be eight pages minimum, not including the cover page(s), Table of Contents, and attachments (e.g., Appendices).   If you adequately address the information needed in each section, you will have no difficulty meeting this requirement.
3.     If you are printing from a word processor or a computer, make sure that there is a fresh ribbon or fresh toner cartridge in the printer, to ensure readability.
4.     The Analysis must be double-spaced, with 1-inch margins right, top and bottom; 1½inch margin on the left will be permitted – to allow for the binder edge clip.  Use a simple, legible font like Times New Roman, Arial, or Bookman and use either an 11 or 12 point font size.  Note:  your entire Business Feasibility Analysis should use the same size font throughout, except for the cover page that a venture capitalist or banker will see during a presentation, which may also contain any appropriate artwork (e.g., storefront images, logos, mottos, other photos or illustrations).

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