Posted: June 25th, 2015

develop a Learning Plan for your workplace based learning.

Work-based Learning Plan

Workplace Based Learning Plan


You are required to develop a Learning Plan for your workplace based learning. This will be based on a project that will seek to address the issues that have arisen from your initial preparatory work. (WBL preparation document). The plan is in three sections:

Project Outline

Personal Analysis

Learning Plan

  1. Project Outline

Your project is the vehicle for you to apply your learning. It provides opportunities for reflection against a series of learning outcomes. It also gives you an opportunity to apply the learning from your course and make a real difference for yourselfyou’re your organisation. The outline starts with a PESTEL and SWOT analysis of both your organisation and yourself. For reference, there is a separate handout outlining these analytical techniques. It then progresses to a set of aims and objectives to be achieved within the project. You then list the stakeholders involved, the reasons for their interest and the ways in which you plan to involve them. Finally, you note the outcomes and impacts you expect to achieve from the project.

  1. Personal Analysis

The next section is your personal analysis. You complete a PESTEL and SWOT analysis of yourself, in the context of the project, and then identify and summarise the key issues you have identified and the reasons behind them. You then progress to your learning plan.

  1. Learning Plan

You are expected to write learning objectives against 3 sets of 4 outcomes, Personal, Job Related and Course Related. These are provided below:

Job Related Outcomes

Take responsibility for specific tasks and operations and demonstrate learning from their achievement

Demonstrate understanding of organisational functions, processes and structures

Analyse problems and suggest strategies to overcome them

Analyse the needs of internal / external customers

Personal Outcomes

Communicate effectively within a range of business contexts, using a variety of media, both oral and written.

Identify and develop the skills of working as an effective member of a team

Develop Time Management skills and the ability to plan and prioritise work

Demonstrate self confidence and the use of initiative in a range of business situations

Course Related Outcomes

Relate current theory of business management to the problems and practices within your project and elsewhere

Analyse the business environment faced within the context of your project

Examine how different academic subject disciplines interact to influence your project situation

Analyse management and leadership skills and styles observed in the workplace

You should complete the template provided in the plan. Questions you will need to answer are:

What I need to learn

You should write a learning objective in the light of what you have identified as your personal learning. You should begin each objective with the phrase: By the end of my workbased learning, I should be able to …

My Plan to achieve this learning

You should outline the way(s) in which you intend to achieve the objectives you have set. This might include, (but is not limited to), reflecting on application within the project, background reading, working with others within your organisation, attending events etc etc

How I will prove my learning has taken place

You should think about how you will measure your learning. This should link back to the objective, which will tell you what you should be able to do by the end of the project. You should consider how you will be able to prove to yourself and your tutor that you have achieved these objectives and write down the ways in which you will do so

The evidence I will provide for my learning

You will be providing evidence both during and at the end of your project, to show what you have learned and the impacts it has had. You should consider what this evidence might be and note it in this section

The objectives you set should be SMART. A guide to SMART objectives can be found here

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