Posted: January 8th, 2017

Briefly, end your paper by stating whether you think due process or crime control is more important.

Using sources from class (the textbook, evidence posted by me on our Blackboard website, or handouts), and any outside credible sources, to explain two ways that the police protect due process (individual rights) and two ways the police enforce crime control (public order).  Briefly, end your paper by stating whether you think due process or crime control is more important. 

1.  Paper Requirements and Grading Criteria:  Papers must be formatted according to APA formatting guidelines.  This means that papers must be typed, double spaced, 12-point font, one inch margins, computer printed, and 3-4 FULL pages, not counting your cover page and a list of sources used at the end.  You must incorporate sources, through the use of in-text citations.  Be sure to present an introduction, state the issue you are addressing, be well organized in the discussion and analysis and clearly state your conclusion.  Remember, this is a college level course, so avoid colloquialisms and “text ease” in your writing.  Proof read and spell check!!!

Papers are graded on substance and presentation.  Your content, organization, argument or discussion must be thorough and cohesive.

A few things to remember in your papers:

A.        Start strong with a clear thesis statement in your introduction.  Present your “problem”, “question”, or “observation” to be addressed.

B.        Avoid overuse of direct quotations.

C.        Organize your paper, use proper transitions between indented new paragraphs, and add citations, endnotes or footnotes to give proper attribution.

D.        Spellcheck and Edit!  When you think you’re ready to hand in your paper, you’re not.  You need to edit, edit, edit!!

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