Posted: March 12th, 2015


THE ASSIGNMENT Choose your book. Choose one of the following books of the Old Testament: Genesis, Exodus,
Deuteronomy, Second Samuel, Amos, or Hosea.
Teach your chosen book to someone who has not taken this class. Describe the book, and explain its content and meaning in its original contexts, such as historical, geographical, social, economic,
political, cultural, literary, and religious. (Not all of these will apply to every book.)  Important: for literary context, include its place in the big picture–the Old Testament
storyline or meta-narrative.
Themes, emphases, main ideas. Include the major themes, emphases, and main ideas found in your
chosen book.
Your target audience. Write this for someone who has not taken this class (not for me). Explain things
clearly in plain English.
 Your audience has an open Bible and has read your chosen book. So you don’t need to give a
systematic survey of the content of that book. For example, if you choose Amos, you can explain the meaning of the messages against surrounding nations without actually repeating all of them, because your audience has already read them in the Bible, or can look them up.
 A good way is to picture someone you know and write to that person.  One useful format (this is optional) is to write it as a letter to that person. True, it would be a
slightly unusual letter to have citations and a bibliography, but a letter just the same. As Scripture. Include ideas on how your book might relate to later Christian theology, how it may have been misunderstood or misused, and especially how it might be read as Scripture and applied in……..

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