Posted: September 21st, 2015

Biophysical Foundations in Sport and Physical Activity

Biophysical Foundations in Sport and Physical Activity

Part A(1500 words)
•    Select an athletic event which you might like to coach or in which you have an interest. This will be the 100m SPRINT
•    Describe an athlete that you will coach in the event. Identify the athlete’s age and gender and any other significant factors that you need to consider when setting up a training program for the athlete. The athlete will be a 17yr old MALE in Grade 12.
•    Analyse the anatomical, physiological,biomechanical, motor learning and psychological factors which enhance performance in your chosen event.
**Please analyse all aspects!**

Part B (1000 words in total – 500 for training plan development and 500 for justification)
Create a developmentally appropriate training plan for the track and field event selected in part A (100m Sprint).  Incorporate principles of training and strategies conducive to improving physical performance.

Training Plan Development

Develop a training plan that addresses a required timeline for the preparatory phase, competitive phase and transition phase.

You need to complete the following:

1.    A training plan for 1 macro cycle of 4 weeks duration forthePRE COMPETITIVE PHASE.

2.    A detailed description of 1 micro cycle  of 7 days,

Preparatory Phase    Competitive Phase    Transition Phase
4 week macro cycle    4 week macro cycle    4 week macro cycle

Complete a 1 week detailed
micro  –  cycle for 1 of the

above phases


Phases of



Main comp.



You need to consider the following:
•    training principles and how they apply in each phase of the cycle

•    amount of aerobic and/or anaerobic work required in each phase of the program, appropriate to the age of the athlete

•    quantity and type of resistance training used for the phase of the program

•    number of sessions of skill development for the phase of the program and length of each session

•    other components of fitness specific to the event and athlete requirements, for example, agility, flexibility, speed. How and when will these components be developed?

•    when the athlete will participate in simulated competition and real competition and the impact of these events on training.

Justification (500 words)

You need to justify the decisions you have made regarding the length, time and type of training you will employ.

Justify the selection of training activities based on your knowledge of the body’s response to different types of training.

Identifythree (3) weaknesses in the athlete’s performance related to 2 components of fitness (for example, flexibility, strength, etc.) and 1 component of psychological skills training (for example, visualisation, motivation, arousal, etc.).

Explain and demonstratecorrective strategies and/or instructions to remedy the identified weaknesses.

***PLEASE JUSTIFY ALL THESE POINTS USING CORRECT SOURCES. THE SOURCES MUST MATCH WHAT IS WRITTEN IN THE PAPER – Previous essays I have received had references which had no relation to what was written and I had to go and find my own sources***

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