Posted: April 5th, 2015

BI Tools & Techniques

BI Tools & Techniques

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To Submit for this Task:

1.    A word-processed document that includes the following:
a. An explanation of the method used to create a decision-tree based on the data in Table 1.
b. Using a drawing package of your choice, draw the decision tree and paste it into the word document.
c. A written explanation of how the decision tree you have created will be used to predict the social media usage of a new case (i.e., explain how the rules will be applied).

Task 3: Linear Programming (40%)

Bob’s Waterproof Laptop Covers (inc) is a manufacturing company that manufactures Waterproof Laptop Covers (!!!!). They are simply the best cover that is currently available on the market and have been tested to be waterproof to 50m. They manufacture two types of covers; one for 13 inch laptops (called “The Standard”), and a model suitable for smaller laptops and larger tablets, which is called “The Mini”. They have 2 machines that are used in the manufacturing process, which are called Big Bertha and The Yellow Monster.

Each of “The Standard” covers that is manufactured requires 50 minutes of manufacturing time on Big Bertha and 30 minutes on The Yellow Monster. Similarly, each of “The Mini” covers requires 24 minutes on Big Bertha and 33 minutes on The Yellow Monster.

At the start of the current week, there are 30 “The Standards” in stock, and 90 “The Minis” in stock. Available manufacturing time on Big Bertha is 40 hours and on The Yellow Monster, 35 hours.

The demand for The Standard in the current week is forecast to be 70 units (that means the company will have to manufacture at least 40 “The Standards”, and for The Mini is forecast at 95 units (minimum production of “The Mini” is 5). Company policy is to maximise the combined sum of the units of both covers at the end of the week.

To submit for this task:

1.    A word processed report (about 2 pages) that details:
a. The amount of each type of cover that should be manufactured this week
b. The method used to arrive at the recommended manufacturing level
c. The effect on the recommended feeding regime if the minimum production of The Standard was changed to 30 and The Mini to 10.

2.     A spreadsheet named Task3.xlsx showing your working and the two scenarios.

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