Posted: September 11th, 2015

Benefits of modern communication technology in relationships

Thesis statement: ‘In the essay will argument benefits and disadvantages about communication technology in relationships”.
body paragraph1
”benefits of communication technology’
supporting :
1- Keep in touch with each other easily – You can contact with your family and friends allows. from article 1
2- Some kind of communication help who has problem in contact face to face – Some people has problem in sound or he did not meet girl before. from article 2.
3 people likes modern communication – that better than people they do not like any things. from article 3.
body paragraph 2
“Disadvantages of communication technology”

Supporting idea:
1- broken down communication skills – Teenagers use text messages a lot. from article 2.
2-Texts are hard to explaining very well- Real feelings between people. from article 3- Relationship become more complicated and eccentric – People lose the simple of communication. from article 2.


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