Posted: March 16th, 2017

Who does Aunt Sally blame for the missing shirt?

What do Huck and Tom use for light while they are digging? 2. Describe what Tom does when he can’t climb the lightning rod. 3. Who does Aunt Sally blame for the missing shirt? 4. What does Tom want Jim to water his plant with? 5. What effect do the warnings have on the family? 6. How would you compare Tom’s and Huck’s attitudes toward the escape? 7. What characteristics does Aunt Sally have that enable the boys to take advantage of her? 8. What is the irony in the way that Tom and Huck get the grindstone into the hut? 9. Is there any evidence that Jim is really suffering during all of this? Does Huck’s response to Jim’s plight seem reasonable to you? 10. What do you think of Tom’s character and his treatment of Jim throughout this episode? Explain. 1. What effect has the last warning letter had on the Phelpses? 2. How does Tom get hurt? 3. Why doesn’t Huck sneak out at night to visit Tom? 4. Who clarifies the identities of Tom and Huck? 5. What has happened to Huck’s father? 6. What does Jim’s behavior in these chapters say about his character? 7. What narrative purpose does the doctor’s refusal to share a canoe with Huck serve? 8. What effect does the doctor’s speech in support of Jim have? Is this as great an effect as it should be? 9. How believable is the “deus ex machina” (a sudden and unexpected solution to a problem), the narrative device through which Jim is freed? Explain. 10. Where is Huck going at the end of the novel? What does this imply about the society in which he lives, and his place in it?

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